Let’s come together and work for the causes we care about most.


Community Involvement and Development

Community-centered governance and neighborhood planning is an important part of development. Our neighbors need to be heard and supported in order for good progress to be made. We must work together to find common ground on thoughtful development that incorporates the interests of residents.This is the kind of forward-thinking, neighborhood oriented development I support for our district.



Transit and Regional Development

Transportation has been a challenging issue we have faced since Nashville became the ‘It’ city. We must work together to find a solution that reduces traffic, pollution, and the cost of commuting. I will focus on supporting positive regional development that promotes job growth and brings in revenue for the whole city.



Parks, Green Spaces, and Trees

Our community thrives because of our willingness and dedication to conserve green spaces. We must encourage the preservation of natural resources in order to maintain and protect Nashville as a healthy city. I support positive measures to incentivize greenways, sidewalks, bike paths, and multi-modal paths to connect our neighborhoods and our parks throughout the city.


Education and Equity

I sincerely support fully funding our public schools and efforts to promote social and community equity. Our kids are our future, and we must provide them with the resources they need to be successful.